Minimum consumption, maximum comfort

Greenline Yachts offers a unique range of yachts with hybrid, electric and traditional propulsion

Greenline Yachts - The future of the sustainable navigation

The best example of Efficiency, respect for the Environment and Wellbeing: Our boats offer a high level of comfort, low fuel consumption and the most innovative ecological technologies in the nautical market.

Greenline Yachts’ boats are manufactured in Slovenia and are designed to meet the demands of the conscious navigator who appreciates the appropriate functionality, comfort, and safety. Properties that we consider essential for a weekend outings, a getaway with family and friends or a long cruise.


Greenline yacht range

Greenline range - up to 50 feet

Ocean Class

The ecological milestone among yacht builders

Greenline Yachts can collect, store and use electric power from the sun, ground or main generator powered by the engine. With a solar array and hybrid unit electric unit, the yacht is a mobile power station that provides a constant supply of AC power (230 or 120 VAC) on board.


—Two motors on the same axel: electric motor and diesel motor

—Solar panels on the rooftop

—High capacity lithium batteries



The shape of the hull, inspired by that of the sailboats, offers exceptionally low drag.

— Comfortable and secure navigation

— Simple handling – navigability

— Low operational costs



— Plugged into the power pedestal

— Navigation in electric mode

— Navigation in diesel mode

— Anchored



Because we share and appreciate your passion for navigation, when we design and build our boats, the principal objectives are to maximise your wellbeing and satisfaction on board.

In this way, all Greenline Yachts’ yachts not only offer you higher comfort, ease of handling and joy than any other boat in their class; but also its exceptional design adds a new dimension: to appreciate the quietness of water as you would in a sailboat, without polluting the surroundings and the environment with smoke nor noise.

Greenline Yachts Brochure

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Opinions about our yachts

«Todos los modelos se caracterizan por la eficiencia tecnológica, la protección del medio ambiente, y un concepto que descansa en el máximo aprovechamiento del espacio, la eliminación de las barreras entre el interior y el exterior y la máxima eficiencia en navegación.»

— Mercedes Alcaide, Náutica y Yates

«Sus embarcaciones proponen una navegación sostenible, cualidad que combinan con una distribución amplia, luminosa y atractiva equipada con el confort y los electrodomésticos propios de un hogar.»

— Ricard Bracons, Barcos a Motor

«The Greenline 33 is not only the big surprise of the year but arguably the most significant new boat of the decade.»

— Motor Boat & Yachting

«Hull shape and Hybrid propulsion are reducing the fuel consumption and environmental impact as well as increasing the comfort and quality of life on board.»

— Boote
Entrevista al primer armador de Greenline 33 híbrido en España

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